Hair Care



Bijou 003 Detox Shampoo 250ml

Bijou Shampoo with Natural Extract


Specially formulated Bijou Shampoo consisted of Edelweiss, Astaxanthin and EPS White. The combination of herbal ingredients from ALP mountain, red substance found in sea life and deep-sea plankton result in a strong penetration of hair shampoo, which help to nourish deeply into damaged hair and hair’s interior structure that is the main cause of scalp problems: hair fall and thinning hair. Leave you confident using without any burden on hair such as itchy or dandruff. Improve your hair elasticity, also provide your elegant hair stay in soft and healthy as desired.

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Healthy Shop Hair Treatment With Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil For Damaged And Split-end Hair 45ml

Extra hair serum with vitamin e and jojoba oil for damaged and split-end hair healthy shop hair serum enriched with vitamin e. Jojoba oil and also protects your hair from sunray and heat. Provides sufficient nutrition to your hair: it forms a microfilm around each strand of hair, prevents from split-ends and restores the hair condition: hair becomes softer without irritation. The sun screen agent protects your hair from damages caused by sunrays. Vitamin e gives an extra shining appearance to your hair. Your hair becomes immediately softer, and visibly smooth at the first application without suckiness or oiliness. The serum brings your hair to a naturally beautiful and healthy look.

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Healthy Shop 307 Serum Hair Tonic With Ginger & Seaweed Extract 150ml

Serum hair tonic extra deliciated concentrated formula for restoring stronger and healthier hair while being Dandruff with ginger & seaweed extra innovation of hair care as a result of reseal development of natural extracts by specialist Been introduced to stop hair fall and dandruff.

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